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Full-Spectrum Business Plan Preparation Services

From analyzing the competition and viablity of your target market to helping you secure much-needed financing, we have you covered. Your business plan will include the following:

Executive Summary

The executive summary is a brief overview of a the longer business plan. Its job is to  summarize the key points of the document in a clear and concise way.

Business Model

A business model is a framework that describes how a company creates, delivers, and captures value. It is a blueprint for how the company will make money.

Target Market

A target market is a group of people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. It is the group of people you want to reach with your marketing efforts.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

A marketing and sales strategy is a plan that outlines how your business will reach its target market and convert them into customers. 

Human Resources Plan

A human resources plan outlines your company’s goals and strategies for managing your workforce. 

Financial Information

Your financial information provides investors and lenders with a detailed overview of the company’s financial health and its ability to repay debt.

Exit Strategy

An exit strategy is a plan for how you will sell or otherwise exit your business. It is an important part of any business plan, as it helps to ensure that you, the business owner have a clear goal in mind and that you are prepared for the future.

Company Profile

The company profile is a written introduction that tells the reader about the company’s activities, mission, goals and strengths. 


Products are a critical component of any business plan. They are what you sell to your customers, and they are the foundation of your business.

Market Analysis

A market analysis is the gathering and analyzing of information about your intended market to understand its size, growth potential, and competitive landscape. 

Competitive Landscape

A competitive landscape is a description of all the companies that compete in your particular market. It includes information about their products, pricing, marketing, and distribution strategies.

Executive Staff

The executive staff is the group of senior-level executives who are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of your company. 

Investment Review

An investment review is a section in a business plan that discusses the company’s investment goals and objectives, as well as the strategies that will be used to achieve those goals. It also includes a review of the company’s current investment portfolio.

Appendices (if any)

An appendix (may include multiple appendices) is a section of a business plan that contains supporting documents or information that is not essential to the main text of the plan.

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