Why Small Business Owners Wear Superhero Hats

How often do you feel like a superhero, taking on the world and tackling everything that comes your way? If you’re a small business owner, chances are it’s more often than not!
The demands of running a small business can weigh heavy on our shoulders at times, and as business owners we often try to do everything ourselves. The success of your business depends not just on you, but also in finding competent people to wear some of the other hats that you are typically wearing.

Reasons for wearing the superhero hat

The small business owner usually comes to wear the superhero hat as a result of their dedication and passion for their business or because they don’t have the funds to hire additional team members or outsource support. It is common for entrepreneurs to feel a strong connection with their business and to take on duties that may be outside of their area of expertise.

What other hats are you wearing?

Do you feel like you’re wearing too many hats and that it’s all getting a bit overwhelming? Some of the hats that small business owners typically wear include: marketing expert, sales, debt collector, finance director, HR manager, IT specialist, complaints, planning and customer service representative.

If you want to be everything you once dreamed of becoming in business you’ll need to hand over some hats.

Become the ‘Manager of the Hats’ not the ‘Wearer of the Hats’.

Finding Someone Else To Take On The Superhero Hat

The success of your business depends on finding competent people who can competently wear any hat that doesn’t sit comfortably on your head.
Think about the time you’ve spent ‘doing your best’, only to deliver something less than optimal.

Use your expertise where you are the expert and can wear that hat, and seek out people who can support you. They could already be working for you, or you may need to look for them elsewhere.

Letting go of the superhero hat doesn’t make you any less capable or important, it just gives you the freedom to work smarter not harder. So what are you waiting for? Force yourself to carve time out of your business this week to find someone who can wear some of your hats! Your business will thank you.

If you need someone to take the financial hat off your shoulders, get in touch with us today!

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