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Grow Your Customer Base with the Right Software

More than just a bookkeeper If you’re thinking that your accounting software is there just to look after your finances, chances are you’re missing out on what it can do to grow your customer base – and improve your profit margins. The right accounting software is a...

Ten Marketing Priorities When You Start Your Business

1. Build credibility quickly Why should people buy from a new business? Your first challenge is to overcome their doubts by building trust and credibility quickly. Some tips: Promote your skills and experience, plus those of your staff and associates. Join your...


  • Ten marketing priorities when you start your business
  • Improving the effectiveness of your advertising
  • Sure-fire marketing plan in eight easy steps
  • Identifying your target market
  • Build your marketing plan by creating awareness
  • 10 ways to build a competitive advantage
  • Testing the market before taking the plunge
  • How to accurately forecast sales
  • Gain customer loyalty and keep your regulars for life
  • Creating a promotional plan
  • Use focus groups to understand your customer
  • Ways to identify new markets and customers
  • Five top ways to research your market
  • Undertaking your own market research
  • Be aware of cultural differences within your customer base
  • Advertising that Works


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